Happy New Year and Thank You!

by Ettin Games

I wanted to thank all of our customers who have supported us during the troubled year of 2020, and to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  Hopefully, our common love of gaming will continue to bring us together in 2021, and the years to come.  We look forward to providing for all of your gaming needs in 2021!  

Dave Donohoo, Owner


I would like to come and watch some magic gathering tournaments. Because I would like to get back into the game its been over 20 yrs since I played the first edition . I really enjoyed it and would like to get my son into the game. I once met the owner there a while back seemed very friendly and willing to help out a new gamer. I know with covid changing the world things may have changed. I look forward to coming to your store again to restore a gamer in me and to hopefully meet some new friends .

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