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Beginner's Miniature Painting Course
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Join us for a beginner miniature painting class hosted by Cherry Krolczyk!

This five lesson series will introduce the basics of painting a figurine from start to finish! Additionally, students will receive 10% off paint and hobby supplies during the duration of the class! The classes will be every Saturday at 6pm for five weeks starting on Jan 25th. Spots are limited, so register today!

Registration will include:

- Two figurines, one for the start of the class and one for the last lesson (or you can bring or buy your own!)

- Easy and approachable instruction from the one and only Cherry K!

- Satisfaction that you can only get for learning something new and cool!

- Possibly a high-five

- Probably a high-five

**paints, brushes, and supplies will be extra - you can shop for your own, or you can purchase a special value starter kit from us. 

The scheduled classes are:

[Jan 25] Lesson 1: Beginner Basics and Prepping a Model - This class will show students proper brush care. Students will also learn about tools needed to cut and ready, prime, and begin painting a miniature.

[Feb 1] Lesson 2: Color and Basecoats - Students will learn basic color theory. This class will show students how to approach painting miniatures with the first layer of paint.

[Feb 8] Lesson 3: Detailing - Students will learn techniques in highlighting, dry brushing, and shading. This class will give students the knowledge to add contrast and detail to their miniatures.

[Feb 15] Lesson 4: Basing - This class will show several methods of basing a miniature to get it table ready. We will go through simple to more elaborate techniques to finish off their miniatures.

[Feb 22] Lesson 5: Putting it all together - This class will allow students to start from the beginning and paint another model with the techniques learned in the class. This class will empower the students to employ what they've learned while an instructor looks on and answers questions.

Supply List:

*3 Paint Brushes – Army Painter Super Detail, Basecoat & Dry Brush (or equivalent)

*Pen or Pencil

Paint Palette

X-Acto/Hobby Knife

Citadel Mouldline Remover


Color Wheel

Poster tack (also known as blue tack or sticky tack)

Sketchbook (don’t get before the first class)

Water Container

Master’s Brush Cleaner and Preserver

-You will need the *’d items for the first class. You will need the other items to complete the class. Ettin will have some of the supplies available to purchase individually or as a special value starter kit.

Value Starter Kit includes all class supplies for $50 - available for purchase here: https://ettingames.com/products/value-starter-kit-for-beginning-painting-course

Value Starter Kit Plus includes all class supplies, plus 13 Citadel paints for $75 - available for purchase here: https://ettingames.com/products/value-starter-kit-plus-for-beginning-painting-course


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