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Chop's Skullery is a bustling kitchen in Brinewind that is open from dawn until midnight, at which time the shop closes up tight as a drum, and any hangers-ons are chased off with a rolling pin, skillet, or cleaver. A tight-knit gang of halflings, gnomes, and dwarves runs this business. This band of small fry tirelessly waddles about, cooking up great bucketfuls of tasty and nourishing chowders, skewers, and other popular street foods.

Scrub is the ugliest of the lot, a mongrelman who keeps the kitchens cleaned and cutlery honed.

The atmosphere of the Skullery is much like a beehive, with the workers busying themselves until they're covered in gravy and drenched in sweat; they say it only adds to the flavor of the food! All workers chide, kid, belittle, and ridicule one another as they work. Occasionally a fight breaks out, but Stub puts an end to it quickly, usually by peeling the brawlers apart by the ears. All workers refer to themselves as “Cousin” and all claim to be related, albeit distantly. In Scrub's case, very distantly.

This miniature is perfect for all RPG and tabletop games.

• Ready to paint or play right away
• 28mm Heroic Scale Fantasy Miniatures


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