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Akrotiri dig site on the island of Thera

It all began with a simple map - a map said to lead to a legendary Minoan temple. Investigating the matter further, you've decided to set forth on the Aegean Sea. And it would appear you were not alone in this quest for fame ...

These voyages and excavations will be costly. To fund them, you will need to gather resources from the surrounding islands and bring them back to the resource-poor island of Thera. Using landmarks to guide your way, follow your maps to unearth the forgotten temples, before time forgets them, and History forgets you.

Starting Board
Market Board
2 Player Aids
2 Boats
6 Action Markers
12 Temples
36 Land Tiles
36 Map Cards
12 Goal Cards
32 Resource Cubes
15 1-Drachma Pieces
10 5-Drachma Pieces

Ages: 14+
Players: 2
Game Length: 45 minutes

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