D&D 5E: Heckna! Campaign Setting Box Set

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Welcome to The Revelia, Where Merriment Isn't Optional

Heckna! is a a dark, whimsical new carnival setting for 5th Edition that includes new carnival-oriented character options, monsters, spells, magic items, an innovative Shuffled Stories engine for near limitless replayability, and a goofy and gruesome adventure for 1st and 10th level characters.

Welcome to The Revelia, the greatest carnival in all the realms! Home to the egomaniacal showman Heckna, this traveling demi-plane boasts wondrous creatures, unique rides, and more merriment than you can imagine. But those who stumble on The Revelia quickly learn that beneath the sparkling lights and gleaming facade lies a sinister underbelly of corruption, and a cruel mind behind the humor. The great clown is now all he seems, and he certainly won't let anyone leave his wondrous carnival. Will you confront Heckna in his own realm, or seek to escape like so many before you?

Heckna! is a horror campaign setting and contains themes and subject matter that some players and GMs may find difficult. These themes include death, body horror, insects and spiders, torture, and clowns. This campaign setting is not suggested for children younger than 13 years of age.

Heckna! Hardcover Campaign Book
Reference Cards
Playing Card Deck
Foldout World Map of The Revelia
Cardboard Punchout Standees (With 20 Standee Bases)
Pile of Tickets (The In-Game Currency of The Revelia!)
Animated Spells Reference Cards
Heckna! Poster

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