D&D Icons of the Realm: Witchlight Carnival Premium Miniatures

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Once every eight years, the fantastic Witchlight Carnival touches down on your world, bringing joy to one settlement after the next. Its owners, Mister Witch and Mister Light, know how to put on a good show. But there's more to this magical extravaganza than meets the eye!

Plastic components.

Approximate Height & Base Size
Mister Witch: 37mm (25mm base)
Mister Light: 47mm (25mm base)
Northwind & Red: 55mm (50mm base)
Thaco: 37mm (25mm base)
Burly: 42mm (25mm base)
Palasha: 43mm (25mm base)
Palasha's Tank: 80mm (75mm base)
Candlefoot: 43mm (25mm base)
Dirlagraun: 52mm (50mm base)
Kettlesteam: 35mm (25mm base)

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