DCC: Caverns of the Dead God

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An adventure for 4-6 1st or 2nd level characters

The adventure starts in the rough-and-tumble port city of Warrenburg during the revels surrounding the imminent hanging of a notorious pirate. The Player characters are enlisted to explore the enigmatic cave system some locals refer to as the Caverns of the Dead god. 

An old-school rumor table and a rogues gallery of locals lend detail to the town as well as an extensive list of NPCs the characters can interact with.  The detailed map provided holds an enigma that will give your players a moment of astonishment when they realize the cavern’s titular secret. This adventure boasts numerous new monsters to challenge your players, and new magic items to reward their character’s courage. 

Published by: Long Con Press

Written by: Matt Gullett
Art by: Huargo Illustrador

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