Great Western Trail: Argentina

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Travel the plains with your cattle to create the best path to victory! Choose a ship from Buenos Aires before it sets sail to one of the great European ports.

The gameplay, while familiar, offers new twists for every to enjoy, such as:

 • Ships sailing to the double-sided port city tiles, offering diverse bonuses.

 • Additional functions to your cattle cards for more strategic decisions.

 • A new type of card to manage in your deck.

 • Expanded player boards with new sections and auxiliary actions.

 • A new resource to collect.

 • Confront Pedro in the solo mode and beat his score.

1 Game Board
4 Estancieros
4 Hats
4 Engines
4 Player Boards
5 Player Count Tiles
57 Worker Tiles
51 Farmer Tiles
3 Bags
72 Player Discs
4 Certificate Markers
4 Grain Markers
82 Coins
1 Job Market Token
12 Exchange Tokens
92 Cattle Cards
24 Objective Cards
25 Exhaustion Cards
8 Station Master Tiles
38 Building Tiles
1 Specialization Tile
1 Scoring Pad
1 Rulebook
1 Appendix
1 Solo Mode Rulebook
15 Pedro's Cards
12 Loading Cards
1 Pedro's Board
1 Pedro's Cattle Market Tile

Ages: 12+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 75-150 minutes

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