Grordbortian Mastermind Screen

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The Most Violently Scientific GM Screen Ever Conceived!

The Official Grordbortian Mastermind Screen! For Use with Dr. Grordbort’s Scientific Adventure Violence Role-Playing Game Setting and Supplement.

Attention purveyors of fine, retro-futuristic, pulp-scifi role-playing gamery:
Keep your nefarious schemes and deadly plots well-hidden from the prying eyes of your players with this hi-tech, three-panel, 100% non-seethroughable screening device! Featuring scintillating art on the front to keep your players thoroughly mesmerised and heaps of useful information on the back to keep you looking like the well-prepped genius that you are, the Grordbortian Mastermind Screen is an indispensable addition to your scientific adventuring kit.

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