Judges Guild - Deluxe Collector's Edition: Volume One

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Goodman Games is pleased to present the biggest RPG sourcebook you have seen!

The Judges Guild Deluxe Oversized Collector’s Edition Volume One compiles three of the most famous Judges Guild adventures: Citadel of Fire, Tegel Manor, and Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor. All three are scanned from original printings, and a gallery of the classic covers is included. 

This deluxe oversized hardcover also includes five issues of the legendary Judges Guild Journal, the oversized 11”x17” newsprint journal originally shipped to Judges Guild subscribers.

  • Includes introductory articles about the founding of the Judges Guild and their impact on the role-playing industry.
  • Includes supplemental material to expand out all three adventure modules.
  • Reprints the hard-to-find Judges Guild Fantasy Catalog. 
  • A massive volume that reprints the newsprint journals at actual size.
  • Reprints the original hand-drawn map for Tegel Manor, including the author’s own notes.

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