Legions Imperialis: Solar Auxilia Battle Group (Pre-Order)

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Solar Auxilia battleforces utilise rank upon rank of armoured infantry, aided by compact support weapons, and heavily armed walkers which allow them to bring their firepower to bear in the close confines they typically operate in. On occasion, more specialised veterans accompany the tercios, while phalanxes of armoured vehicles roll into place to obliterate the most tenacious foes.

This boxed set contains 160x epic scale plastic Citadel miniatures, which combine to build 70x Solar Auxilia models as follows:

- 1x Baneblade Squadron:
- 2x Baneblade super-heavy tanks, weapon options, and accessories
- 1x Solar Auxilia Support:
- 4x Solar Auxilia Rapier with quad launcher
- 4x Solar Auxilia Rapier with laser destroyer array
- 4x Solar Auxilia Rapier with mole mortar
- 4x Solar Auxilia Cyclops
- 6x Solar Auxilia Tarantula with Tarantula lascannon battery
- 6x Solar Auxilia Tarantula with hyperios air-defence missile launcher
- 1x Solar Auxilia Infantry:
- 2x Legate Commander bases (which can alternately be built as Auxilia Tactical Command bases)
- 8x Solar Auxilia bases
- 4x Veletarii bases
- 4x Solar Auxiliaries with flamers bases
- 4x Charonite Ogryn bases
- 4x Aethon Heavy Sentinels
- 1x Dracosan Transport Detachment:
- 6x Dracosans, weapon options, and accessories
- 1x Leman Russ Strike Squadron:
- 8x Leman Russ tanks, weapon options, and accessories

This set also includes 2x Legions Imperialis Solar Auxilia Vehicle Transfer Sheets, each containing 288 high-quality waterslide transfers, for you to adorn your forces.

All models come with their appropriate bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.

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