Mothership RPG: Core Set

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Everything you need to play in one horrifying box. It's complete with all the 1e (First Edition) core rulebooks, an introductory module, and a set of dice. When we first started designing Mothership®, this was the set we envisioned.

  • Player’s Survival Guide (1e)
  • Warden’s Operation Manual
  • Unconfirmed Contact Reports
  • Shipbreaker’s Toolkit
  • Another Bug Hunt Introductory Module
  • D100 Dice Set & Panic Die
  • 12+ Punchboard Pawns
  • Double-Sided Poster Map in Monochrome
  • Monochrome Tri-Fold Mini Warden’s Screen
  • PDF Downloads of Core Rulebooks and Modules (delivered via email)

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