Old-School Essentials - The Child Thieves: Module S1

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A 3rd-5th level adventure for use with Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy Adventure Game

Several years ago a piper happened along the poorest district of the city during the midst of the plague of rats and with his magic flute rid the people of the rats. Every year since the rats have come again, and so has the piper. In recent years the price of his services has risen, but the money of the poor has not.

This year they could not pay.

The angered piper left the district, cursing its residents. The next morning the people woke and found the beds of their children empty. Large rat-like tracks were found in the district leading from the homes of the missing children to the storm drains.

With so little to offer for the return of their children, will the people find anyone to attempt a rescue?


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