Ozark: Money, Influence and Control

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Netflix Ozark Board Game is based on the hit Netflix series. Welcome to the Missouri Ozarks, where everyone is friendly... in appearance, at least. Based on the hit Netflix series, the Netflix Ozark board game lets you play as one of five factions including the Byrde family, the FBI, or the Navarro Cartel. Spread your influence through the town with your faction cards and fight for control of key areas like the Poppy Fields and Casino. Form and break truces with your opponents, build a hoard of dirty money, and stash it all away before it's too late. Every faction has a key weakness, so you'll need to exploit your opponents to win! Netflix Ozark Board Game is for 2-5 players, ages 16 and older. 30 minutes of play time
  • Netflix Ozark Card Game
  • Based on the hit Netflix show Ozark
  • Gain the most money while exploiting the weaknesses of your opponents
  • 2-5 players, ages 16 and older, 10 minutes of play time per player

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