Super Blood Harvest - The Bloodship Returns

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THE BLOODSHIP RETURNS is a tabletop Metroidvania adventure, a 35-room spaceship dungeon bursting with adversaries and potential allies, tricks and traps and treasure. A power keg, a puzzle box, a Zelda-like space adventure as imagined by gnostic monks.

Works as a one-shot, a campaign starter, or a diversion or intrusion into existing games. Use the stock characters, or create or import your own.

THE BLOODSHIP RETURNS is also suited for solo or GM-less play, and requires no prior reading or preparation--the lore and character of the world is encountered and revealed gradually, through play.



  • Simple, robust rules with a variety of dials to customize play.
  • Four pre-generated characters, plus rules for custom character creation.
  • Three distinct biomes with unique dynamic terrain and lots of verticality.
  • A bestiary of 30 friends and enemies, full of factions and sharp hooks.
  • Dozens of impactful treasures, including rules for generating powerful sentient swords.

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