The Army Painter Hobby Set

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The Hobby Set has everything a wargamer and painter could want - all in one box. From assembling to painting this set can do it all. With The Army Painter tools, glue, paints and brushes - including a basecoat primer, you need look no further to get started with the exciting hobby of assembling and painting miniatures for both boardgames and wargames. Veteran or beginner alike - this high quality, high value set offers fantastic products to an unparalleled price, making it the best beginner hobby set in the industry.

¥ Everything you need to get started Ð in one box
¥ High quality products from the Army Painter
¥ A fantastic top value set for board gamers & wargamers

¥ 12 Warpaints (12ml)
¥ 3 Hobby Brushes
¥ 1 Miniature & Model File
¥ 1 Plastic Frame Cutter
¥ 1 Paint Mixing Tray
¥ 1 FREE Super glue
¥ 1 The Army Painter Technique Painting Guide
¥ 1 Tool Safety & Assembly Guide

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