The Army Painter Metallics Paint Set

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From terrifying guns to magic armor, jewelry to treasure chests—this paint set has you covered!

These 8 metallic Warpaints come in 18 ml dropper bottles, perfect for administering the right amount of paint for your miniatures. The light, creamy viscosity of these acrylic metallic Warpaints is perfect for miniatures, large and small, and they mix perfectly with each other for any variation you might want. They contain heavy pigment for superior coverage!

This set contains the following:
  • 8 Metallic Warpaints
    • Bright Gold (WP1144)
    • Greedy Gold (WP1132)
    • Weapon Bronze (WP1133)
    • True Copper (WP1467)
    • Shining Silver (WP1129)
    • Plate Mail Metal (WP1130)
    • Gun Metal (WP1131)
    • Rough Iron (WP1468)
  • 16 FREE Stainless Steel Mixing Balls
  • 1 The Army Painter Painting Guide

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