Theros Beyond Death Collector's Booster Box

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    This is a sealed booster box of Theros Beyond Death Collector's Boosters.  It contains 12 booster packs.
    • Collector Boosters are supercharged booster packs, loaded with nothing but the best from Theros Beyond Death (THB)—foil Nyx lands, alternate art, alternate frames, and more.
    • Glimpse the divine with four showcase frame cards with stunning alternate art made just for Theros Beyond Death (THB).
    • Deify your deck with foil, full-art "Nyx" basic lands—there are two in every Theros Beyond Death (THB) Collector Booster. Each one is a glimpse into the realm of the divine.
    • One card will be something you can't get in traditional booster packs!
    • Battle your way back from the underworld with legendary gods and destined heroes! Theros Beyond Death (THB) spins Greek mythology through the lens of Magic: The Gathering (MTG).
    • Contents: two (2) foil Nyx basic lands; eight (8) foil common, uncommon, or basic land cards; one (1) ancillary card; one (1) rare or mythic rare extended frame card; one (1) foil rare or mythic rare card (one in four packs include an extended frame card instead); one (1) saga or showcase frame card; one (1) foil saga or alternate frame god, demigod, or planeswalker card; one (1) foil double-sided token.

    - $275.00

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