Warpaint Fanatic: Most Wanted Paint Set

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With the Warpaints Fanatic Most Wanted Set, The Army Painter has selected 22 must-have colours from the Fanatic range (22 acrylics, 6 metallics, 2 effects, 1 wash, & 1 primer). What's more, each colour in this set is hand-selected to match and work with the Starter Set and Mega Paint Set - making it the perfect add-on set to expand your range.

Easy enough for a beginner, fast enough for a gamer, yet capable enough for the best painters in the world - Warpaints Fanatic features an insanely pigment dense formulation set in a premium resin base with proprietary stabilizers to ensure smooth, effortless application.

Also included is a miniature figure and a Painting Guide - FREE!

22 Warpaints Fanatic Paints (18 ml)
  ‣ Night Sky
  ‣ Uniform Grey
  ‣ Skeleton Bone
  ‣ Brainmatter Beige
  ‣ Dragon Red
  ‣ Basilisk Red
  ‣ Talisman Teal
  ‣ Wild Green
  ‣ Olive Drab
  ‣ Warped Yellow
  ‣ Burning Ore
  ‣ Warlock Magenta
  ‣ Cultist Purple
  ‣ Baron Blue
  ‣ Jasper Skin
  ‣ Onyx SKin
  ‣ Dark Skin Shade
  ‣ True Copper
  ‣ Gun Metal
  ‣ Disgusting Slime
  ‣ Dry Blood
  ‣ Brush-on Primer
1 Miniature
1 Painting Guide

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