Zombicide: Invader - Paint Set

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The Xenos are appearing as if out of air. Arm yourself and get ready to fight for the survival of humankind!

Enhance your experience of Zombicide: Invader by playing with painted with painted miniatures. This paint set contains unique and new Warpaints needed to paint your Xenos and your Survivors, humankind's last defenders - plus a free brush to get you started.

Paints marked as "Unique" are unique to this paint set and are not available in The Army Painter Warpaints range.

1 Brush
10 Paints
  ‣ Gun Black
  ‣ Abomination White
  ‣ Pale Skin (Unique)
  ‣ Armor Grey (Unique)
  ‣ Rigid Brown (Unique)
  ‣ Soldier Green (Unique)
  ‣ Xenos Carapace (Unique)
  ‣ Combat Gold
  ‣ Invader Shade
  ‣ Tentacle Red (Unique)

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